Bethany-you know have ticked me off big time.  I've been holding back on the air.  Biting my tongue, if you will. You read a statistic this morning that made my hair stand up (both of them) 

I'm trying to find what study she read that determined somehow that 41 is too late to find a new job.  That's crazy talk.  (I know - I'm a little sensitive about this subject - I still think I could do ANY job that didn't involve heavy lifting - even at my age, and I'm …let's just say....40++

Here's what I'm thinkin', I feel that older workers (even in their 50s and 60s) would actually make BETTER workers than younger ones, and although I I found an article to back it up, I could have told you this anyway!

!. Older people are loyal (they don't have a desire to jump careers - they've already done it!)

WGNA cubicles
Photo by Richie Phillips

2. They don't have sick kids and family responsibilities that give them reasons to take days off

3. They're more serious about their work.  Less distractions. See #2.

4. You won't have to worry about them starting up an office romance or wasting company time.  See #3.

5. Better work ethic.

The list goes on and on.

Take that, Bethany! (I wonder if she's gonna read this? - I'll wait til tomorrow to see.






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