The road can be a dangerous place, for anyone, and there was a post on Reddit that asked about new driving laws. How would you feel about a law that would require people over 70 to pass a test to continue to drive?

The Reddit user didn't go into detail about what they meant about "Specialized testing." Some states already have similar laws in place so something like this coming to New York isn't completely out of the question.

In Texas, for example, drivers over 85 must renew their license every 2 years instead of their usual 6 as well as pass an eye exam. That law specifically is in place after a 90 year old didn't stop at a light and killed a 17 year old girl, according to Bored Panda.

I don't disagree that as we get older, our vision is impaired as well as our reaction time but I've also seen quite a few millennials who could use a lesson in some rules of the road, especially blinker useage. How would you feel if this law was passed in New York? Do you agree with the age chosen?

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