I'm particularly humbled by a recent development - A sandwich being named after me. I'm sure my other morning show brethren feel the same. Here's why.

Bobby T's on N. Allen St. in Albany is a great sports bar. And now they have a great idea to help us raise money for charity. Each member of the morning show has a food item named after them. Sean has the Thanksgiving pizza. Jeff has the delicious pork ribs, and I the grouper rueben. It is a fish sandwich with all the fixings of a Reuben sandwich meaning sauerkraut, cheese and dressing. It is absolutely delicious and for an absolutely worthwhile cause.

I actually don't care which food item to try, to be honest as long as you come down to Bobby T's. Whichever sells the most gets a donation from this great sports bar to our favorite charity.

Here's all the information right here:

Bobby T's Sean and Richie Show Food Challenge


This is alot of fun. Great idea! Please support this great charity, and bring your appetite- the food there is mind blowing - FOR REAL!!