According to TMZ, one of America's favorite real estate flippers was in a bit of a bar brawl on Saturday night!

Jonathan Scott of the Scott Brothers ended was put into a headlock by a bartender at a Fargo bar on Saturday night.  If you're confused, he's the contractor one... Drew is the real estate one.

Cops said it wasn't much of a fight, and it ended quickly with the headlock.

Jonathan called 911 at 1:57 AM, claiming he was assaulted by the bouncer.

A source said Jonathan tried to get in the middle of other people who were arguing, and had nothing to do with the situation.

The bar is denying any assault on the bouncer's part, although the photos make it pretty clear something happened - see the photos here.

No one was arrested.  Police are reviewing the  surveillance video and will file charges as necessary.

Here's the video for the country single that the brothers put out a couple of months ago...

Property Brothers country music
Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images

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