We all struggle to stay fit and most of us could probably stand to lose a few pounds, right? Here is the trouble we all have something we know if we cut from our diet it would go a long way towards us shedding a few unwanted pounds, but no one has the will power to pull it off. Zac Brown however, did it in a big way.

One of the things I have always love about Zac is the guy can cook! More than being a chef he is also a master on the grill. In fact here he is in a short video from 2013 bragging about his amazing smoker.

You know he likes his chicken fried!


So the last thing Zac would cut from his diet would be meat right? Wrong. He did just that and lost 20 pounds in the process. It is probably important to mention that he is also exercising an hour a day on his Arc Trainer while he distracts himself by playing Madden.

When he was asked about the change in his diet Zac told CMT, "I don't eat any animal products anymore, except fish. I eat a lot of fish... As a chef, I had to change what I cook with and what I use, instead of tons of butter and cream and cheese. I can directly relate now what I eat to how I feel. I could never go back to feeling the way that I felt all the time." 

So, what is that one thing you should probably take off your menu? Chocolate? Carbs? Meat? Would it be worth it for you to lose 20 pounds?

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