There is a stretch of road at the end of 787 that has always been dangerous. Plans have been talked about to make this road safer and this month the conversion will begin. A huge project will begin this month to make the end of 787 into Cohoes Boulevard. The stretch of 787 that turns into a residential area in the City of Cohoes is going through an overhaul to make it more safe for pedestrians and motorists.

The conversion of 787 to Cohoes Boulevard will be a $10.7 million project. The hope is to create a welcoming pedestrian friendly entrance into the city that is also safe. The plan also includes the city to raise intersections, tree line the medians and create a multi use path to encourage safer driving. There will also be a six foot wide pedestrian island with signals and push buttons at the crosswalks.

They will also add two pull off areas for police to park and enforce the speed limit. New sidewalks will be added to help in pedestrian safety near the senior apartments.

The project is expected to be complete by the end of next year.

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