Our loyal listeners have done it again- they have straight up out rhymed me.  I wouldn't have thought of these lines for sure.  Nice work.  Here's what you came up with--

In case you don't know, on Write A Song Wednesday, you folks feed us the lines and I put it to music..it's a simple idea and especially fun for all of us to hear it come together.

Here were your contributions during the course of the show

And here's the finished product.  Oh, I almost forgot.  There were extra great lines that we couldn't use on air, so there is an extra bonus verse at the end .
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Again, thanks for playing along- we can't do it without you!  Please listen EVERY Wednesday to the Sean and Richie Show and be part of the fun!
Would you like to hear the first one we did?  ("A Special Place In Hell?")   Click below