It has been extremely cold here in the Capital Region. But there are some cool things that you can do to in the cold to keep you busy and are really fun. Give frozen bubbles a try, here's how. Ryan has been begging us to go outside and shovel and play in the snow, but the temperature is just too cold. We found a cool science experiment that involves bubbles and a simple solution that won't keep him outside too long. There are just a few ingredients needed that you probably already have at home.

To create the ideal bubble solution, mix one part water to four parts dish soap and add a little bit of corn syrup or some sugar. You will need a straw or a bubble wand to create the actual bubbles.

The ideal temperature for the bubble experiment to work is under 12 degrees. The reason is that dish soap freezes at about 12 degrees. Water freezes at 32 degrees and add the sugar or corn syrup to give some heaviness to the bubble itself. When you blow the bubble from the bubble wand or straw, the outer layer will freeze and creates a frozen bubble.

Here's how it went when Ryan and I tried yesterday.

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