It is quite possibly the greatest invention since sliced bread, and we'll soon have one here right in the Capital Region.

A raw cookie dough shop! I first reported on this back in May when news broke a Buffalo based cookie dough store 'Dough Boyz' was planning on opening more locations, including one in the Crossgates Mall. Well, according to a post on the Crossgates Mall Facebook page earlier this week, the new cough dough shop will open in late November!

Just in time for the holidays, right? Imagine scoops of raw cookie dough in a bowl - sounds great right? And the great news is - unlike actual raw cookie dough, the Dough Boyz recipe is totally safe. They use treated flower and no eggs! So all the cookie dough goodness, that's it! They will have all kinds of amazing flavors, and in case you were wondering, yes - they have Pumpkin Pie!


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