Attention all cookie dough addicts: Get ready to have your mind (and your belly) blown. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream announced 3 new additions to their 'Core' series involving cookie dough, and my inner fat kid was so over-joyed, that it started doing summersaults in my stomach. Then it hollered at me to run out to the store and buy some.

I have a weakness when it comes to sweets and when it rears its ugly head,  it is usually centered around anything that involves peanut butter, dark chocolate or chocolate chip cookie dough. I've been known - despite label warnings - to eat raw cookie dough right out the package.  I don't heed the warnings about salmonella.  My feeling is that if it really were not good for you to eat raw, they wouldn't make it so damn delicious.

Anyways, thank you Ben and Jerry's for the recent additions to your popular 'Core' series. They all involve delicious variations of cookie dough flavors, all perfectly edible to eat 'raw'.  According to, Ben and Jerry's pasteurizes the eggs and heat treats the flour to avoid any food borne illness.

According to, the 3 new flavors are:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (cookie milk ice cream with small fudge chips surrounding a chocolate chip cookie dough core)
  • Sweet Like Sugar Cookie Dough (a sweet, sugar cookie dough ice cream core surrounded by sweet ice cream with shortbread cookies and cherry ice cream)
  • Wake & No Bake Cookie Dough (traditional vanilla cream with salty peanut butter cookies, fudge chips, and a cookie dough made with oats, peanut butter, and chocolate)
Photo from Ben and Jerry's Website
Photo from Ben and Jerry's Website


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