At some point in your life, you savored the flavor of raw cookie dough from your Mom's mixing bowl. Now you can have it whenever you want!

There is a raw cookie dough store out in the Buffalo area called Dough Boyz, and according to the owners are working out a deal to open several more locations, including one at Crossgates Mall in the next few months! According to the article the Buffalo location has been a huge success, sometimes drawing lines of 300 people.

NYUP says the store has a dozen flavors (Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookie please!) and it is scooped like ice cream. Now you are probably thinking this is not a safe thing to sell or eat. Here is the great news: NYUP says Dough Boys uses treated flower and no eggs so the dough is completely safe to eat without baking.

I will say this: I don't know how someone didn't think of this sooner! Everyone loves cookie dough right? Heck, when my wife makes cookies I still scrape the bowl with my fingers!

NYUP says Other locations are also being planned in Rochester, Syracuse, and Niagara

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