We've all seen the warnings on packages from the FDA or manufacturer urging us to "not eat raw cookie dough" yet the majority of us actually prefer it that way.  We risk salmonella abd even E. coli.  Why are you and I willing to ignore such warnings?

The answer is simple.  Raw cookie dough is freaking delicious!  There, I said it.  Plain and simple. Just like I know that baked chicken is better for you than fried, and that eating  too much bacon (is there even such a thing) is bad for you, I do it anyways. I'm an adult, I make my desicions and I live (very happily I might add) with the consequences.  If they didn't want us to consume raw cookie dough, they wouldn't have made it so darn good.

Cookie maybe

With that being said, I found this Buzzfeed survey of a variety of food choices "Raw vs Cooked" to be quite interesting.  Turns out, for me anyways, raw cookie dough was just the beginning.


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