It goes without saying that the pandemic has been an absolute killer for many local businesses. While some places in the Capital Region have had a chance to begin the slow road to recovery, Crossgates Mall has not. And they're not particularly thrilled with the state's decision to keep them closed.

Publicly, Crossgates Mall hasn't held back on the feeling that they're being unfairly treated by New York State's decision to keep them closed. They keep waiting for the chance to fully reopen and with each passing phase, they're being denied for a variety of reasons.

But the area's largest mall refuses to back down and on Thursday, they fired back at the state. In a press release from Pyramid Management LLC, the development company of Crossgates Mall, they argued against claims made that their HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system poses a threat of spreading the virus. In fact, they claim that if anything, "the relative risk within our airy, enclosed malls may, in fact, be lower" than places that are already open.

In the press release, they stated that the air quality within the mall is "as good or better than those venues that have been allowed to re-open." The press release specifically mentioned places like Walmart, TJ Maxx, Target, Hobby Lobby and the many restaurants, barbershops, office buildings, and museums which are all open for business.

In the press release, they linked to an article that supports their claim that it is unlikely that air conditioning units used in stores, restaurants, and other businesses can transmit the virus.

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