Opening up for Phase 3 in the Capital Region includes indoor dining now being allowed, but the 30+ restaurants at Crossgates Mall aren't allowed to reopen and they aren't happy about it. They feel they are being treated unfairly and are ready to re-open now.According to a press release from Pyramid Management LLC, the development company of Crossgates Mall, restaurant management feels as if the governor's re-opening of indoor restaurants as part of Phase 3 is biased.

All of the 33 food and dining businesses inside Crossgates Mall are prepared and ready to follow all of the necessary guidelines of Phase 3 from New York State, but are not allowed to open. The state is claiming because there is no external entrance to the restaurants, they don't fall under food establishments that can open in Phase 3. Additionally, more than 700 employees want to get back to work but are currently unable. Crossgates wants to be treated fairly as other businesses that are allowed to open in Phase 3.

According to the release, the food and dining establishments inside Crossgates have been carefully following the outlines of the new protocols and have significantly have met all local and national health and safety guidelines.

Marcus Kemblowski, the COO of Apex Entertainment, said that there are nearly 100 employees at his business who are residents in the community and are ready to get back to work. He also went on to say that they shouldn't be penalized and unable to open because there is no outside entrance to the food and dining places inside Crossgates.

To see the complete list of the dining and food places inside Crossgates Mall that won't be able to re-open in Phase 3, click HERE.

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