If you have been affected by the pandemic, perhaps lost your job, been furloughed, or just looking for an interesting way to make money from home, this job may be just what you are looking for. According to Don'twasteyourmoney.com, Natural Light beer is looking for someone to work-from-home that will help you pay your bills and create a brand new flavor of beer. They want someone to go to the limits of creativity and imagination while keeping the flavor in mind.

Because you will be working from home, you must have computer skills and basic math skills and experience with social media. Of course, a solid internet connection is a must. You will not only create the next flavor to be part of the Natural Light Beer family, but you will make viral content, keep the brand manager aware of current trends in the beer industry. You will also design company gear, and do product research which means you will be drinking beer. You must be twenty-one to apply.

You will need to post a photo of your idea to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter of the flavor you have created using the hashtags #NattyIntern and #contest. You have until May 17th. You also must fill out an application on indeed.com. Both things must be done in order to qualify.

Your entry will be judged on creativity, uniqueness, and you must represent the Natural Light brand. The top five entries that get the highest scores will get a Skype or Facetime interview. There will also be a background check and one person will be selected.

You must be available from June 8th through July 31st. You will earn forty dollars an hour which pays nearly thirteen thousand dollars. You must work at least thirty hours per week.

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