I see a lot of unusual things living in the Center Square portion of Albany, but this one is a bit of head scratcher.  My girlfriend Samantha texted me a picture of a rather strange public apology letter, typed and placed on a street light pole on the corner of State St. and Lark Street in Albany on Saturday.

The public apology signed by 'The Crazy Lady In The Blue Dress' apologizes for yelling 'many mean things' at a man wearing headphones. She also apologizes to anyone else who was witness to her terrible tirade.

What did the rowdy roughneck in the cobalt clothes shout?  Why was she so angry?  Should the innocent man in headphones (probably listening to some smooth jazz or mellow hipster music) even forgive this shameful shouter? That's up to you to decide.

I wasn't there.  I didn't see it.  All I know is that if someone is willing to type a note expressing their public desire for forgiveness, and tape it to a street light post for the whole world to see, I may be willing to let the "Lark snark" off easy.

I hope the man in the headphones (if he hasn't been scared off forever) sees this (or reads this) and responds. Or perhaps he was too engrossed in the sounds of his favorite super-chill music, enjoying the beautiful weather to have even noticed.

To be continued....

Public apology note left by woman who yelled at 'man in headphones'
Public apology note left by woman who yelled at 'man in headphones'



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