Craigslist offers us a variety of different, free, services... job postings, free stuff for pick-up, apartments to rent, garage sale listings, etc... My favorite feature on Craigslist is the missed connections section!

I was reading a story in the news today about a young lady who shared a special NYE kiss with a stranger in Time Square.  Things were going really well when he accidentally wet himself and ran away!  Now she's looking past the urine on her shoes, and looking for him!

She's got the media on her side now, and I'm sure he'll be peeing on the alter soon!  But what about local folks, right here in the Capital District looking for love?  Who's gonna help them?


Here are some real, live, local Missed Connections from Craigslist.  Look closely, one of them could be for you!

Were you getting out of a Box Truck in Guilderland?

"I saw you at Stewart's. Your skinny and had a military cut. You reminded me of Lee Harvey Oswald You totally had a buzz on. You were with a guy with long hair and looked like silent Bob. I walked by you and you u smelled like beer. That's such a turn on. Anywayd skinny white boy see you around town in the Box truck. Also tell silent Bob to take a bath. He smells like onions. "

Are you a CVS employee on Wolf Road?

"to the brunette girl that works behind the counter at cvs on sand creek. your hot!! I always wonder if you are single, would love to rolls in the hay as they say.."

Do you own an Emerald Green Bathrobe?

"That was a fine terry cloth. I'd like to talk about getting together, perhaps hooking up, just often enough that I can get away with stealing your bathrobe."

Is your name Laurie?

"You are gorgeous!
You asked me if I needed help when I walked it & then I checked out through your register right before closing......
And I didn't notice any ring on your finger....?"

Attention KMart Shoppers!

"It was around 4:15Pm Sunday, 1-5-14. You were with two other guys, wearing a NY Yankees hat, light jeans and a black jacket. I like the Yankees too. I' d love to hang out with you and have fun with or take care and massage your whole body. Hope you see this. I live in Albany and can host."

Pierced in Colonie?

"You came through drive up where I work and I think you new I was checking you out. You had a couple piercings and drove a blue coupe I think a honda or something. But I gotta say you are very beautiful and I loved the glimpse of those nice titts you had half hanging out. I'd love to get together sometime and have some fun with you."

Have you been shopping in Slingerlands?

"You were in front of me in line at the Slingerlands Shop Rite. They opened a line for us when the one we were in was taking too long. You were using a double decker cart.

I thought were extremely attractive. Would love to hang out some time."

Are you a sexy brunette with a hat?

"yummy!!,. very sexy, great smile and eyes,. and had a black hat on,.. youre a waitress i think .... you were greeting people upfront at the desk ,so not sure,....maybe youre a hostess,...say hi if its you and if youre curious,..youre beautiful,..would love to chat"


There are just a few of the missed connections from our local Craigslist page.  If you happen to find love from these, or, if you've had success with Missed Connections in the past, please let me know!  We'd love to have you on the show!

Also, as a PSA, please be careful with Craigslist!  It can be very dangerous if used incorrectly!  Use you head!  Look out for creepy posts and don't meet strangers in unsafe places!

Good luck!

Photo by Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star via Getty Images