This Is The Greatest "Missed Connection" I Have Ever Read
I have to thank a listener named Cathi who posted this to my Facebook wall, I am only sorry that I have not had time to read it until tonight. It truly is amazing. It was posted in the Craigslist's Missed Connections in the Boston area, and was written by a man who met a woman that literally saved h…
As Heard On ‘GNA: Why Men Cheat on Women
Yesterday we found the most fascinating list on our local page!  We were looking for a missed connection to present on the air, as we do every Tuesday morning, and Sean, Richie, and I all were shocked by this particular post...
Wrong Free Item Taken
A woman in Rotterdam who is a self proclaimed Craigslist junkie apparently wasn't clear enough when she offered up a bunch of free stuff in her yard.
Buy Jake Owen's Jeep
When I was younger, I owned a 1986 full size Ford Bronco and I loved it and apparently I'm not the only one who is a fan of older trucks and Jeeps.
Ticket Scalping
I noticed on our Facebook page this morning, a woman was complaining that tickets to the Luke Bryan concert at SPAC were sold out on Live Nation's website, but she has seen tickets for sale on third party sites like for $500 and more...
Craigslist Missed Connections – Let’s Help These Local Folks Out
Craigslist offers us a variety of different, free, services... job postings, free stuff for pick-up, apartments to rent, garage sale listings, etc... My favorite feature on Craigslist is the missed connections section!
I was reading a story in the news today about a young lady who shared a special NY…

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