How could the 'Corned Beef Hash Slider' not taste good? It sounds amazing and it's helping a Troy food trucjk move forward in a breakfast sandwich competition.

Time Warner Cable News recently caught up with Troy's Slidin' Dirty food truck owner Tim Taney, whose amazing creation has advanced to the second round of voting in Thomas' Breakfast Battle: Food Truck Edition Competition. I could sit here and describe this sandwich, but I would not do it justice. So check this out:

Looks amazing right? According to TWN, Taney said the slider consists of a 'Thomas' mini bagel, corned beef, provolone, caramelized onion, fried potato pancake and a fried egg, and then a sriracha mustard sauce.' Yummy! Try it for yourself and then get your votes in to help Tim win the contest!

I need to go get one of these RIGHT NOW!