Treatments for the coronavirus are being developed by a drug company with manufacturing facilities in the Capital Region.

Ground zero for the corona virus, otherwise known as COVID-19, is over in China. But the epicenter for production of drugs is right here in Upstate New York.

According to a Times Union report, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is currently working on coronavirus treatments and they hope to start trials and production of the drugs in August. Regeneron is based in Tarrytown, but it's major manufacturing facility is in East Greenbush. Regeneron has been developing treatments for the United States government for several dangerous diseases, including Ebola.

Who knows if the drugs will actually be made here, and regardless we don't care where they are made. Let's just hope wherever they are produced these new treatments for the virus become available soon. Better yet, let's hope the spread of corona dies down and is long gone by the time they could become available.



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