Getting out and voting is not only a right, but it is important for you to be counted. With midterm elections right around the corner, a company is making it even easier to get to the polls. Many people want their voices heard when they go and vote for the midterm elections and now Uber is offering free rides to the polls. According to, the company is urging more people to get out and vote on November 6th. To help increase voter turn-out, Uber is providing free rides to polling places across the country on Election Day.

Anyone who has an Uber account can just click on their app, find their polling place, click to book the ride and they can get there for free. Uber is making it very easy too. it will launch automatically on November 6th when you open the app.

Uber is hoping that the free rides will increase voter turnout. #VoteTogether and Democracy Works are partnering up with Uber to provide the free rides.

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