I majored in education in college. Dorrie studied English. We've been married 29 years, so it seems to have worked out fairly well, I would say.  Let's see what college majors are the most and least compatible, because I know you were dying for this information (?).

According to the Washington Post, a blogger from Priceonomics looked through US Census data and discovered that people who marry somebody with the same or similar major was pretty high (for those who went to college)


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This is interesting -  the most common major to marry each other? Theology (religious based) majors.

Pharmacy majors also seem to hook up.  Musicians also seem to make beautiful music together, literally.

Lowest on the list?  I had to laugh on this one. It's people who majored in family sciences.  LOL.  Also language and drama education was very low.  (Is that mostly because once you marry there's so much drama and you hardly talk to each other? )

You can go to the list and see where YOU are in the marry/don't get marry continuum.