When I first looked at the location of the next potential site for the proposed Amazon warehouse, I had to do a doubletake. It is literally right down the street from where I live now and in the shadow of the Cohoes dump. I think it's an odd location for such a big warehouse. The other locations seem to be in areas with a lot of space and away from residential neighborhoods.

Being so close to my apartment, I am wondering if they are just making it easier to deliver packages to us. My fiancee has a serious Amazon Prime problem. This way they can just walk the packages up the road to our doorstep or she can just stop by the facility a few times a day.

According to the Daily Gazette, it looks as if Amazon is eyeing the Precision Valve & Automation plant on Mustang Drive in Cohoes as their next warehouse site.

Google Maps street view
Google Maps street view
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Precision Valve & Automation is relocating to its new production facility where the Sportsplex of Halfmoon used to be. The Amazon warehouse would combine 1 Mustang Drive, 6 Fonda Road, and 20 Green Mountain Drive. It would be a total of 17.42 square feet and be smaller than other facilities. The town Planning Board will still have to hear the plans on March 23rd. The proposed Amazon warehouse is in its early stages of planning.

The most recently built Amazon facility is in Schodack. That warehouse is one million square feet. They also built two smaller-scale facilities. One is in southern Colonie and the other is just outside of Amsterdam. These were designed to do short distant deliveries.

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