If you are driving in Cohoes, be on the lookout for this or you may just see the flashing red and blues behind you on 787.

Just earlier this year I realized how witty the police officers of Cohoes are. Some may hate them for the tactic they showed leaving a police car on the side of 787, but I loved it. I'm not a speeder and I know Cohoes enforce the traffic laws pretty strictly, so I never saw it as an issue. I applauded them for doing that as a measure of slowing down motorists when its an area where the speed limit dropped.

Well, they are at it again, this time it's not a cop car sitting on the side of the highway, but rather a tow truck. A police car will not be too far away either. This is to enforce the "Move Over" law that demands you to move over if an emergency vehicle or tow truck is on the shoulder.

"This isn't about writing tickets and going oh, we caught you. it's about saying these people are out working. It's a dangerous job," said Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse. - WNYT

Yet again, I applaud Cohoes for this. Please be aware of it and don't get a ticket. On a side note, they handed out 6 tickets in the first hour according to News Channel 13.

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