This interview happened a couple of months ago, but I personally missed it.  I'm wondering how many of you did.  Are you following the latest NASA missions?  I have definitely fallen off the wagon, but this was fascinating

Karen Nyberg is just one of the astronauts on the International Space Station.  CNN decided to interview her, and I couldn't get over how crystal clear the video and audio was .

I only mention this because I'm old enough to remember Neil Armstrong, John Glenn and the rest.  I can clearly recall how fuzzy the TV reception was for that, and it was in black and white to boot!   We've come SO far, haven't we?

Take a look at this!  The CNN anchor is basically the messenger -relaying emails and tweets from viewers.

How bizarre is that?  Think about it.  You can sit at home on your couch, send an email on your phone to CNN and they in turn relay it 240 miles above the surface of the earth!  And you don't find that fascinating? Maybe everyone's becoming numb to all of this stuff, but I personally find it almost magical.  How about you?


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