It's one thing to send an unknown human being into the great unknown that is space. This is different, though. A company is sending their product to the void above and they're local!

This isn't the first time Death Wish Coffee have rubbed shoulders with outer space. Last year, according to the Times Union, Death Wish Coffee went to the International Space Station as part of a care package to some of the astronauts. They're headed back, but this isn't just to be enjoyed.

Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School is testing "whether black coffee kills a type of bacteria found in everyday plaque on teeth in microgravity in the same way it does on Earth." The team will load three tubes with Death Wish Coffee and send one of them into space around mid-July while the other two stay on Earth.

Four days before they return, astronauts on the ISS will execute the same experiment at the same time as the students at the school here on Earth. They will be documenting the process and their findings on the Death Wish Coffee website and podcast.

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