China has become a real pain in our butts here in America. They flood our market with cheaply priced goods and put a ton of our own manufacturing base out of work.

Now they are putting our astronauts in danger in space because their space junk from their cheap satellites is floating around up there. Pick up your damn space garbage China! First you buy up our debt at a fraction of the cost, and hold it against us so you can flood Walmarts with $199 color TVs and now this?

If you were a neighbor of ours in real life we would call the code enforcement officer and have you fined $30 a day until you picked your junk up. I think we should level the playing field and send them the Seattle Mariners. They are just littering Major League Baseball and we don't know what to do with them. We'll trade them our junk, for their junk.

All kidding aside, this is not a joke. A huge piece of Chinese space junk came very close to hitting the International Space Station. NASA actually had to tell 3 astronauts up there to get in their space capsule and take cover. Check it out here thanks to MSN.

Mars hates litterbugs China, clean up your crap before they go all "Independence Day" on us. Will Smith can only save the planet so many times.

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