I appreciate the lengths people go to hold our public officials accountable, y'all do some pretty good sleuthing, but this -  in my humble opinion -  was some next-level stuff.

A story circulated on Albany Reddit recently chronicling the traveling itinerary for New York Governor Kathy Hochul, as she hurried to a clean energy meeting in the North Country.

Why was this important, you ask?

Surely Hochul is quite busy these days, our newly-elected Governor picking up the pieces left over from a messy Cuomo administration.   And we would imagine that "time" is the Governor's most precious commodity - heck none of us have any extra!

But in an attempt to make sure she didn't miss a key meeting in the Glens Falls area, Hochul decided to forgo the possibility of backed-up traffic on the Northway, instead opting for a route above I87, when she took a small plane about 45 miles from Latham to Queensbury.

The headline on Albany Reddit read:  The Northway traffic is so bad that the Gov flew to Glens Falls from Albany today.

We're not sure if Northway gridlock is what forced Hochul to hop a puddle-jumper, but she was in the air during morning rush drive time and according to NYS documents she had a 10 AM meeting Wednesday morning in Whitehall.

How long was the flight; 5 to 10 minutes tops?

On Thursday, clever Redditors immediately took a few shots at the Governor and one reader pointed out the irony not to be overlooked adding that in their opinion, "The best part is that the Gov is in Whitehall making an announcement about clean energy. The irony!"

Photo: Screengrabbed from Albany Reddit
Photo: Screengrabbed from Albany Reddit

What are your thoughts?

Clearly, it's your New York State taxpayer money hard at work, but given the situation, if you could - would you hop on a 5-minute plane ride to avoid rush hour traffic?

Photo: Albany Reddit
An Albany Reddit user tracked the flight pattern used by Governor Hochul on Wednesday as she flew over morning rush traffic from Latham to Queensbury for a meeting on Clean Energy.

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