I remember as a little girl, the few times my Mom would venture to Albany with me to go to Crossgates Mall was exciting. No, I didn't really enjoy the shopping, I was a kid after all. It was the sweet, delicious smell that would hit me as we turned the corner. It was the most beautiful site: Cinnabon.

I was so sad when the day came that we went to Crossgates and it suddenly was gone. Nowhere within the Capital Region could I find the savory cinnamon buns I so craved.

When I was on vacation earlier this year, dealing with a layover in Baltimore I was so happy to see within my wandering the airport: CINNABON!

Now, listen, this wasn't my first plea to get those buns back to Albany, but this time, my post was seen! But, not only was it seen - CINNABON...FOLLOWED...ME! (Eeeeeee! for Excitement!)

Please see their comment to my post because I was beside myself!

That post was from 20 weeks ago and now, coming this November Cinnabon is not only back in the Capital Region but right back in Crossgates Mall!

They'll be setting up show in the lower level by Johnny Rockets and I'll probably be set up right out front in a sugar coma. Join me, won't you?