We were very careful about how we traveled and there were certain precautions we took. Here are some tips if you are going to be traveling during this Coronavirus scare. I am just returning from a trip to Disney and I have to admit, we were hesitant this time when we traveled. But I have to say, we are very diligent when we travel anyway. My fiance, Jenn, is super cautious when we fly and stay in a hotel. I have to say, although it seems inconvenient, I am grateful that she's so buttoned up.

We were more cognisant this time about spraying our hands with sanitizer and washing them with soap and water often and for a longer period of time. Here is Jenn wiping down the airplane seats where we sit, including the window and the backs of the seats. She uses a cleaning wipe that contains something that can burn your skin, so note the rubber gloves she is wearing.

Chrissy Jenn WGNA
Chrissy Jenn WGNA

The crazy thing is, Jenn does this on every trip. She uses the same wipes for the hotel room too. She will wipe down everything from the remote to the showerhead and every handle in the room.

I guess it's a matter of common sense. We would spray or wash our hands when we got off of rides in Disney this time too, just to be extra cautious. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and if you don't feel well, stay home.

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