Some Want Cuomo to Come Clean on Prison Sanitizer
It was announced on Monday by New York governor Andrew Cuomo that New York state has begun making it's very own hand "superior" sanitizer.  New York prisoners are fast at work making a product called NYS Clean as a way to combat the high costs and lack of availability of certain cleaning a…
Get Ice Cream For Dogs At This Store
Who doesn't love an ice cream treat in the summer? Even our dogs do. But they have a problem digesting our kind of ice cream. Now there's a company that makes ice cream for dogs and it's only available for a limited time at a local grocery chain.
Local Places Where You Can Buy ‘Legal’ Fireworks
As we approach the 4th of July, get ready to see pop-up tents that claim to be selling "Fireworks".  They're not.  The technical term is 'sparkling devices' and for the record, they're not the big explosives that people in our neighboring states are able to legally sell.  With that being s…