With the new class of toys being announced going into the 2020 Toy Hall of Fame, Brian and I got thinking about which toys we loved as kids and some video games we thought were awesome. Then we decided to let my son, Ryan, play a couple of our favorite video games to see what he thought. It did not go well. The Strong Museum in Rochester announced the toys that will be put in the class of 2020 hall of fame. There were a dozen nominated and only three were chosen. Brian and I were disappointed that some of our favorites didn't make it in, but sidewalk chalk did. Aside from that, we started to reminisce about video games that we played and loved as kids.

We decided to download Donkey Kong and Frogger to his Nintendo Switch to let him play our favorites. I didn't give him any instruction and just let him learn how to use the controller and figure out how to play.

Take a listen to Ryan's reactions as he attempts to play one of my favorite classic arcade games, Donkey Kong. He gets frustrated because Mario won't go up the ladder and he tells me what he thinks of the graphics.

Ryan takes on Frogger next with even more frustration and he tells me how the game is flawed. Listen to this.

Ryan is playing some awesome games on his Xbox so I should have known that he would think our games were super ancient. I play Madden 21 will him and you can see every aspect of the players. You can do super slow motion and replay all of the gameplay. It is amazing so I get it.

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