Chrissy's Son Gets Frustrated Playing Retro Video Games [AUDIO]
With the new class of toys being announced going into the 2020 Toy Hall of Fame, Brian and I got thinking about which toys we loved as kids and some video games we thought were awesome. Then we decided to let my son, Ryan, play a couple of our favorite video games to see what he thought. It did not …
WRGB Together TV 6 & You 1978 Commercial [VIDEO]
I've lived in Schenectady my whole life and somethings are staple. The buildings, the monuments, and our radio & news stations. I was clicking around the internet when I found a crazy blast from the past from WRGB.
Logos Of the Capital Regions Past [PICS]
Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. It continues in my world. Well, it's not actually my stuff, rather a friends families stuff. A basement that was so full you couldn't even find a path to walk has been slowly but surely getting straightened up and organized. That being said, some of th…
What Was Colonie Center Like in 1968? [PHOTOS]
I've been helping a friend go through his parents basement a bit to weed stuff out. Next thing I knew I came across this Key to Albany Guider Magazine from 1967 with the title: "Christmas Is Colonie Center!"
What stores were included? How did the blurb describe the new mall? Re…