I couldn't believe that my favorite pizza place announced that it will be closing its doors for good after a ten-year run. I was happy to learn that it had nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic. But all in all, very disappointed that I won't be able to enjoy one of my favorite local places after this coming weekend. Pop's Pizza is my favorite pizza place in the Capital Region and the owners announced last week that they would be closing their doors for good after this coming weekend. Pop's isn't just a pizza place, they are a family that loves to make amazing Italian dishes, sandwiches, salads, and in my estimation, the best pizza in the area.

They are just one shop in Cohoes owned by a husband and wife who have five small children. David Jarosz and his wife Kristy are the heart and soul of that business and their food is amazing.

Everything that I ever ordered from Pop's Pizza was delicious. I was also excited because they were the only pizza shop in the area that had fried dough. They would sell it as a dessert that would come in a full pizza box. It was as big as the box.

In fact, I was talking with David, the owner, one day about his fried dough and asked him if he ever considered using smaller fried dough pieces as bread to make sandwiches out of. I explained that my mom, Nancy, used to make them for us growing up. Not only did he put it on the menu, but he also named it after my mom. These fried dough sandwiches were known as the Fancy Nancy.

I am happy for the Jerosz family and wish them the best. They cited that both he and his wife now had full-time jobs and couldn't put the time into Pop's Pizza. They are both looking forward to spending more time with their family including their five children. I wish them the best but sure will miss their amazing food.

They will be open this week Wednesday-Saturday 430-9 pm and then they will close forever.

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