Yesterday Jenn and I decided to head up to Saratoga and try to get on one of our favorite game shows, Wheel Of Fortune. We figured we didn't have a chance, but then my name was called. The Wheel of Fortune game show was a live interactive game on the stage of Vapor Nightclub inside the Saratoga Casino and Resort. There were about two hundred people there and we all filled out questionnaires. They were placed in a huge drum and randomly picked out five at a time.

The host emphasized that it didn't matter if you solved the puzzle. It was all about personality and how you represented yourself if you were called up on stage. There were about five to six groups of five called in the hour we were there. My name was called in the last group!

I was extremely nervous. Here's my interview...

This is how the puzzle when down...I was so mad because I knew it right after the buzzer sounded.

There is still a chance I may get called back for the finals. If I do you all will be the fist to know.

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