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Chrissy Tries Out For Wheel Of Fortune
Yesterday Jenn and I decided to head up to Saratoga and try to get on one of our favorite game shows, Wheel Of Fortune. We figured we didn't have a chance, but then my name was called.
Price is Right Auditions in New York
I love game shows, have I mentioned that before? You still have a chance to audition for the Family Feud in New York City but now another show is coming to the Empire State to find participants.
Family Feud Auditions in New York
If you watch game shows, I'm sure you have one in your head that you wish you could be on. If Family Feud was your show, you're in luck because auditions aren't that far away!
Fat or Pregnant? [VIDEO]
Every woman is beautiful. I mean that from the bottom of my heart, being a woman or not, so when I saw the idea for this show I was outraged.
‘Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Was On ‘The Price Is Right’
As if it isn’t a big enough shock to the system to watch heavier episodes of ‘Breaking Bad,’ followed by Bryan Cranston‘s lighter work, so too does Aaron Paul’s past body of work provide endless fodder to measure against Jesse Pinkman.  We’ve already seen what happens when Jesse Pinkman craves eithe…