It's now basketball season and my son Ryan is learning a new sport. He is on a CYO team and I go to all of his games. I am his biggest and loudest fan. So I get mic-ed up and record my obnoxious cheering. We call it "Big League Chooch". Ryan is involved in all sports. He is trying everything. Now he is playing on a CYO basketball team and learning a new one. I go to all of his games and I am his biggest fan.

We have been doing a segment on the show called "Big League Chooch" where I record myself cheering on Ryan at his various sporting events. I have been mic-ed up for baseball, flag football, and now basketball. We then play the cheering back on the show.

Brian and Jess find my cheering loud and obnoxious. Take a listen to our latest episode of "Big League Chooch", CYO basketball edition and you can decide.

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