We are in day thirty-something of the lockdown and we are all missing sports. My son, Ryan, is a very active athlete and I am really missing him on the field. I also enjoy cheering him on. I have had to find other ways. This time we go fishing. I really don't know a lot about fishing but Ryan loves to go. I tagged along this time and it brought out the "Big League Chooch". I got mic-ed up and we went to the fishing hole. I couldn't contain my excitement so I was Ryan's biggest fan while he was trying to catch some fish.

We do a segment on the show called "Big League Chooch" where I get obnoxious and overly excited while being mic-ed up. Without sports, I have had to be creative. I have cheered him on on his birthday, making brownies, playing Fortnite, and now while he went fishing.

Enjoy this installment of "Big League Chooch-Fishing".

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