We are really missing sports and I am missing cheering on my son, Ryan. Now there is a glimmer of hope that he may be playing baseball this summer. So I took him outside to do a few drills with him. I may have been a bit loud and obnoxious while encouraging him. Ok, I'll admit it, I was over the top. When I get like this, we call it the "Big League Chooch".

I used to be mic-ed up at all of Ryan's games and there were a ton. He played flag football, soccer, baseball, and golf. I would do my best to be the loudest cheerleader for him on the sidelines.

Now with the lockdown, I still need to get my "chooch" out. I have cheered him on baking, playing Fortnite, and even during his birthday. We may be starting up baseball this summer so I took him outside, mic-ed myself up, and cheered him on doing baseball drills. Enjoy this installment of "Big League Chooch".

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