Toys "R" Us is going out of business but a retro toy store appears to be on their way back.  According to the owners of this particular toy franchise, there may be well over half of a billion dollars worth of toys produced by Toys "R" Us that have no place to go.  Geoffrey and company left the door wide open for this store to make the comeback for the first time since 2008. 

According to a report from News 10 ABC, K B Toys' new owners are planning to open up 1000 pop-up stores in time for Black Friday and holiday shopping season.  Also, it's expected that with the closing of Toys "R" Us, thousands of people will be out of jobs, and some of them may find a new home at KB Toys.  It's also possible that if the pop-up stores perform well, some locations could stay open permanently.

K B Toys was always my second choice for toys growing up as a kid.  In the future, they may be one of the only choices.


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