Firefighters in Glens Falls rushed to a home over the weekend that they believed was on fire, but when they got there and didn't smell smoke, they knew something wasn't right.

Was it an elaborate Halloween decoration, or was it a real fire?  What would you think if you saw this Glens Falls home?

An elaborate Halloween decoration or an actual house fire?

There's no denying how much this Halloween decoration looks like an actual fire - but thankfully, it wasn't.  Firefighters from Glens Falls who arrived at the home on Saturday evening were able to put their hoses down and relax when they realized it was just two LED lights, a box fan, a silver sheet, and a fog machine.

Too realistic?

Some would argue that the 'spirit' of Halloween isn't to pretend that your house is on fire, but we've seen some pretty elaborate and wild Halloween displays over the years throughout the Capital Region.





On their Facebook page, the Glens Falls Fire Department posted a video of the home and addressed the realistic display.

"Tonight crews were dispatched to the area of Sanford St. for a report of a confirmed structure fire. To our surprise, this was an amazing Halloween decoration. Thank you to the gracious owner for permission to post. This display will be up on Friday and Saturday nights for the public's entertainment until the end of the month."

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