We all know of that one house on the block that goes all out for Halloween, but a decoration that went up a little early was mistaken as a crime scene and residents flooded the police with 911 calls. You may want to share this with anyone who plans on placing a bloodied corpse on their property this weekend!

Residents of Greene County in Tennessee flooded the local police department claiming that there a was dead body in a driveway.  The "crime scene" was that of a man who appears to have lost his dome in a horrific accident caused by a faulty garage door; the struggling man's fingerprints smeared on the door in a last ditch attempt to save his own life.  Breathe easy, it's not real.

While in some people's opinion it's a wee bit early for Halloween decorations, this homeowner didn't think so.  The sheriff’s department then posted on Facebook asking residents to not call 9-1-1 to report a crime scene at a home according to News 10 ABC 

The sheriff’s department wrote, “Congratulate the homeowner on a great display.”  Trick or Treat ya'll!




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