Finally the Red Velvet Oreos are here! I have been waiting for some time to try one of these out, I mean the idea of them is great, right?  I love Red Velvet cake and I love Oreo Cookies so of course this will be great.

Maybe, maybe not that's the thing with new products sometimes they just don't hit the mark and you are left feeling a little disappointed. I know you don't want to run out and buy a whole bag of these cookies just to disappointed right? Well you don't have to.

Here is me trying tham for the first time and after you check out the video I will let you know what I really thought of the new Red Velvet Oreos.

Ok, so here is the deal , yes they were sweet. I really would have loved for the filling to be a lot more cream cheesy than a sweet frosting. If I am being totally honest I think they missed the mark on this one for sure. However I know kids will probably love them as they are super sweet and if you like the "Birthday Cake" Oreos you will like these as well.

To me both of them taste good but turned out to be just a bit too sweet for my tastes.