Get ready to sharpen your taste buds for your chance to guess the Mystery Oreo flavor for your chance to win fifty thousand dollars. According to, starting today (September 16th) you will be able to buy the new Mystery Oreos. The classic cookie will look exactly like the original but the flavor will be different. If you can identify the flavor of the Mystery Oreo creme filling, you could win $50,000.

It may sound impossible because it could be a combination of any of the many flavors of past Oreos. But the cookie company will be dropping some hints. There will be three different Mystery Oreo packs. Each will have different clues to help you figure it out. Plus there will be more clues on the Oreo Facebook page under #MysteryMonday.

You have until November 10, 2019, to enter the contest and you can enter the sweepstakes every day with a new guess. For every correct guess, you will get entered into winning the $50,000.

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