CDPHP has announced that their CDPHP Cycles are back this week, and they offer great discounts but prices are going up!

Chrissy mentioned before the new options available with these bikes. These special passes are $65 for 60 minutes per day of use throughout the season. After today, these passes will go up $20. There are other options, for example, $5 hourly, $15 monthly, or student discounts.

If you've walked by these bikes a ton of times but don't know how they work, let me explain. First, get a CDPHP Cycle! Membership in their app. Once you sign up, you'll have to create a 6-digit account number and 4-digit pin. When you decide to ride one of the bikes, you put those numbers in the keypad in the back of the bike to unlock it. Then, you place that U-lock in the holster, in case you need it for when you make a stop. To return the bike, return it to any CDPHP bike station which you'll soon be able to see on their website.

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