Finally the nice weather is here, but make sure you are taking necessary precautions because ticks are also out in full force. Spectrum news is reporting that the New York State Department of Health says that ticks are back in full force and the warmer it gets, the more ticks will be out. If you are a pet owner, like me, it is recommended that you begin giving your pets preventative tick medicine.

As you know, ticks can carry Lyme disease and other diseases and the best prevention is to avoid contact. As humans, you are urged to wear light colored clothing, use repellent and to check yourself when you return from being outdoors, in the woods, or in fields.

We use a special monthly tick ointment on our dog Freddie and it seems to do the trick. However, every once in a while, one of those buggers will sneak onto his skin. It is important to check him even with his preventive ointment.

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