I was reading a study done by AAA in which their results show that Millennials are the most distracted drivers. It said that the younger drivers tend to be on their cell phones most and are more likely to admit to speeding on residential roads.

I can't say that I disagree with this. The older the generation the less likely, I've come to find that they're glued to an electronic device.

Regardless of age in this story that popped up yesterday, mainly because it wasn't given, it would seem like there was a bit of distraction going on. I mean, there had to be to wind up in the situation the driver ended up in, which was on top of another car, by the way.

I'm just going to guess it was texting, though maybe I shouldn't assume. You know what they say about assumptions. Maybe it was a medical emergency? We're left to shrug as we glance at that picture above.

The driver, an unidentified woman was brought to the hospital for minor injuries. The tow truck driver had an interesting time trying to remove the car without doing too much damage to either vehicle.


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