This is just hard to believe - smoke from the California wildfires has made its way to the Capital Region.

If you have seen the reports on television and online, you know how serious the California wildfires are. They are so enormous we are now feeling a little bit of their impact here in the Albany area.

According to a New 10 story, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says smoke has moved into the Capital Region from the fires and will hang in the area until this evening. Think about it - smoke from a fire on the West Coast has pretty much reached the East Coast. We have seen and heard how devastating these fires have been with 31 dead and over 200 people still unaccounted for, according to News 10. And now more evidence of that devastation has moved across the entire country.

The size and scope of this fire really makes you appreciate the firefighters and first responders, and everything they are doing as they put themselves in harms way to get the fire under control and keep the public safe. Lets hope and pray this situation improves as soon as possible for all who have been affected by it.

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