Heading out with the kiddos for some Trick of Treating tomorrow? Here's what you can expect from Mother Nature.

At this point, I would say it is good news, and a little bit of bad news from the Weather Channel. The good news? It is going to be pretty mild for Halloween with a high of 60. And according to the Weather Channel's hourly forecast tomorrow, the temperature should remain in the higher 50's through the evening hours.

So now the slight bit of bad news: a few showers are in the forecast around 4 and 5pm. But their showers, and sounds like they will be sporadic. So with all those masks and, and well let's be honest the sugar high, trick or treaters will probably barely notice those raindrops.

So keep an umbrella handy for a rain drop or two and get ready for a great night of trick or treating in the Capital Region! And try not to steal too much of the kids candy this year, ok?

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