Don't blame me for this one.  I'm only the messenger, but if you want to exercise and lose weight, what better way than to have the "you know what" scared out of you at the same time using your smartphone.

I literally had to read this article twice to understand it. ( I'm a little slow on the uptake with smartphone technology lately.  It's changing so rapidly, I can hardly keep up). But it is true - there is now an app called Zombies, Run, according to an article at that is proving to be a runaway hit!

It's predominantly used for running outside, but can it be used inside?  According to the article:

Scfeen Shot Zombies, Run

You can play indoors on a treadmill using the smartphone's accelerometer. Alternatively, you can listen without any physical activity at all, but that wouldn't provide the same level of immersion, if you're not running away from zombies.

Now this got me more interested, so I found this promotional clip from YouTube

Interested?  If you'd like to order it, it's available at iTunes in the app store for $7.99 (which is a little pricey by "app standards", believe it or not) .  But it does more than the average app, so I'm sure it's worth it to get scared out of your mind while running. (although, heck, you could just drive down to Central Park in the city and get the same experience for nothing!)

You know who would LOVE this? Levack, our producer.  The man is obsessed with zombies.  Check out his zombie movie review of Zombies vs the Boy Scouts.  Again, I'm just the messenger.

What's your favorite new app?  Would love to know.  Leave your comments in the comment section at the bottom


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